I'm grateful you've landed here and look forward to connecting.

Since I was a teen, I've been meditating and exploring the nature of consciousness. In my 20s I first encountered Tantra and the notion that we can control our own energy, especially through focused intention and skillful breathing. My first Tantra training was in 2011, and by 2019 I graduated as an "Elite Level 5" Certified Tantra Educator with Source Tantra.

I believe in the healing power of this work, and I'd be honored to support and connect with you.


If my location isn't ideal for you, meet some of my wonderful friends:

Begin Your Path Of Awakening • Now

The mission of True Self Tantra is simple: to help you unearth your authentic self.


Throughout our lives we're all told that we're supposed to be someone else. Our parents decide who they think we should be—often before we're even born. Our friends and family members bombard us with their own bias, conditioning us to conform to their expectations and ideals.


And our romantic partners, with all their baggage, trauma, and triggers—they tend to add the heaviest weight to our shoulders. Try as we may to twist ourselves into knots to please others, it never works... because deep down our True Self is screaming to be realized.


It's time to break that cycle and live free. It's time to awaken your True Self.  - Jacob, Founder of TST

A Custom Healing Experience

We're all on a unique journey. There isn't a magical elixir that works for everyone, but together we will forge a path that suits your needs.




I'm happy to create sessions tailored to your needs and aligned with your comfort level. Feel free to ask me anything!